Discs, and the Spirit of road.

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brazing the disc tab on the road bike.
brazing the disc tab on the road bike.

There’s lots of talk about disc brakes, in short: it does improve braking, in some situations more than others.
Especially if you’re on carbon rims.
It also makes the bike a bit more complicated, a bit more expensive, a bit heavier.
Weight will be reduced in time, complexity is relative, as a hydro brake is actually simpler than most people think. Expensive, these are the first, so it’s normal.

There is no perfect bike, only the perfect bike for you.

It depends, on where you live, on how you ride.

That’s why I like building bikes one by one, for individuals.

It makes sense, doesn’t it?

I freni a disco, se ne parla molto, vero?
In certe situazioni migliorano la frenata considevolmente.
Pioggia, per esempio. Ancor di piu’ se siete sui cerchi in carbonio.
Pesano di piu’, sono un po’ piu’ complicati e sono piu’ cari.
Il peso, insieme al prezzo, scendera’.
La complessita’ e’ relativa, un circuito idraulico in realta’ e’ molto semplice.

Non esiste la bici perfetta, esiste la bici perfetta per te.
Cambia, dipende.
Da dove vivi, da come vivi la bicicletta.

Per questo costruisco le mie biciclette una a una, per un individuo.

Mica male come idea.

Disc brake road, it's here to stay.
Disc brake road, it’s here to stay.

Keep it real, keep it steel.

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The better your Heat control the less cleanup.
C’e’ della magia nella Saldobrasatura.

I was asked to make a track fork, a real one.
Round fork blades, no brake hole, short rake.

Prepare your ingredients.
Prepare your ingredients.

Keep it real, keep it steel.

Alexis, this one is for you. Handmade in Italy with pride

Flux, lovely frothy softy flux.
Flux, lovely frothy softy flux.

If you want to know why on the track round fork blades are used instead of oval, read: http://revanchebikeco.wordpress.com/2014/03/19/track-forks-or-tubing-profiles/

Competition, what's this? Answers on a postcard.
Competition, what’s this? Answers on a postcard.

Mi e’ stato chiesto di fabbricare una forcella da pista, da pista vera.
Foderi tondi, nessun foro per il freno, avanzata poco.
Alexis, questa e’ per te.

Fatta a mano in Italia con orgoglio.

Brazing is magic.
Brazing is magic.

Se vi interessa sapere perche’ i foderi sono tondi nelle bici da pista, leggete http://revanchebikeco.wordpress.com/2014/03/19/track-forks-or-tubing-profiles/

Meet Rufus. My Dog.

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Good dogs are great. This is one.

I’m moving, There’s a dog where I’m going to stay. The owner didn’t know what to do with him, would I take good care of Him?

what would you have said?
Say Hello to Rufus, Revanche bikes’ official dog.

Sto traslocando, nel nuovo posto c’e’ un cane. Il padrone non sapeva dove tenerlo.
Ero disposto a prendermene cura?

Tu cosa avresti detto?
Salutate Rufus, il cane officiale delle biciclette Revanche.

Auguri! A mtb wedding video.

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Buona Domenica.

Specialized Allez.

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Italiano, al fondo.

It's about the bike.
It’s about the bike.

it’s a level of involvement I don’t think another frame builder has ever had in tubing design.
over at Red kit prayer, there’s a gushing review of what is admittedly a nice bike from specialized.

Well, we’ve (Simoncini) been working closely with Gilco for the past 9 years, and have produced quite a few unique tubing solutions ourselves in that time. As far as I know we’re the only ones building stainless bikes in traditional diameters, not to mention twin tubes we don’t do anymore and conical tubing we still use.
I (together with the master builder) finalized the design of a pair of new tubes earlier this year, they will address similar concerns to those solved with DiNucci’s tubing (which I applaud and would love to try out)
My solution for the seattube, for example, is very similar.

For me, getting lugs made is harder, but Rivendell, Sachs, Llewellyn and others do so regularly.
It’s not really a problem, most of my frames are fillet brazed, though I would welcome the choice a few more lugs could offer me.

I had some Oversized BSA Bottom bracket shells made because it would work better with the big downtubes I’m using now. I could have taken the easy way out and used BB30 or PF30, It would have been cheaper and easier to use what was available, but I didn’t.
I did what I felt I had to do to make the best frame I can. I offset the minimum order quantity by offering the bb shell for sale to other builders.

Oversize bottom bracket AND BSA threading? Can do.
Oversize bottom bracket AND BSA threading? Can do.

While some aspects of the Specialized project might be unique, taken as a whole.
The single steps most certainly aren’t.

I might be missing the point, ie, that the uniqueness of the project is the project as a whole.

But I think the suggestion that as framebuilders or bike companies we have little input in the materials we buy to make our bikes is misguided.
If we want to put a price on all this look at bmx catalogues, they’re making frames with custom tubing and dropouts.
They cost about a third of what my frames cost (though mine are fillet brazed, weigh half as much and made to measure).
My frames cost about a third of what the Specialized costs.

Nothing of what we do as framebuilders is plug and play, the work is often hard.
If I have a chance to make a better product and maybe save myself some tiring work in the process I can assure you I’m on the phone and making myself heard.
It is my experience, coming from a family of artisans, that this is normal. Expected. Necessary. Mutually Beneficial.

Nice, but is it special?

So, Well Done DiNucci, well done Specialized (I never thought I’d say that).
The bike looks great. though I expected more from the paintjob.
It’s a shame they’re not custom. But I’m sure DiNucci’s will be.

I hope the lug and tubesets will be available to builders as I’d love to have a crack at building one.

Most of all I hope Steel’s little acre of the bicycle industry doesn’t stop innovating, steel is and remains an excellent material for building frames.

A project like the above is a fine example of what a steel bike can be, but by no means an isolated example.

But you readers of my blog, you know that.

E’ un livello di coinvolgimento che non credo nessun altro telaista abbia avuto nel disegnare la tubazione.
C’e’ una recensione (di una bici non provata) su RedKitPrayer, una recensione entusiasta.

Mi permetto di dissentire,domani la versione italiana vi spieghera’ perche’.

Sean Kelly Says…Happy Weekend.

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Italiano in fondo.

“The hardest part is just adapting to a normal life again, because you’re so used to being on the bike for five or six hours a day, and instead you’re only out two or three times a week. That’s a shock to the system. You do get a bit uneasy, going around wanting to break down doors, that kind of thing.
Sean Kelly.

I remember that feeling well.
It seems a lifetime ago now.
It was.

Happy weekend. I hope you like the painting.


La cosa piu’ difficile e’ tornare alla quotidianita’, sei abituato a stare in sella cinque o sei ore ogni giorno e esci solo due o tre volte la settimana. Per il corpo e’ una sorpresa. Ti agiti, ti viene voglia di sfondare le porte a calci, roba del genere.
Sean Kelly.

Mi ricordo, mi ricordo cosi’ bene. Sembra una vita fa. Lo era.

Buon fine settimana. Spero vi piaccia il quadro.

Lugged mountain bike + campagnolo + NOS = RetroThursday.

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Italiano al fondo.

He who buys well, buys once. My gran used to say.

Found this Vintage NOS All campy Lugged Columbus Aelle MTB in a shop I was visiting in Spain a few months back. It had been traded in for plastic Fantastic Crabon bike.

I very much doubt in twenty years time that bike will still be as desirable as this bike is now and was then.

You know what they say, steel, it’s real.

(It’s also for sale.)

Part of value is usage value, part is perceived value. The newer bike (this one was swapped for) probably has more usage value, this one had just as much usage value, and the perceived value is even higher now.

Quality is always a good buy. Not to mention cheaper in the long run.

Enjoy the pictures.

film stills

film stills

film stills

film stills

film stills

Chi compra male compra due volte. Diceva mia nonna.

Ho trovato questa splendida mtb in acciaio Columbus Aelle, montata campagnolo, qualche tempo fa in Spagna. Era stata permutata in cambio di una moderna bici in carbonio.

Dubito che tra vent’anni quella bici avra’ mantenuto il valore e la sicurezza di questa in acciaio.

L’acciaio puo’ garantire tutto questo.

Prova ne e’ che questa bici conserva il suo valore, vent’anni dopo essere stata costruita.


L’acciaio e’ un ottimo acquisto.