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I’ve been without a reliable internet connection for a while, this is being taken care of, but being in Italy, and in a rural location to boot, it does take longer than what might be deemed reasonable.

I’m very glad bikerumor liked the bike, I’ve got more where that came from.

Please bear with me, good stuff is coming.

Paint and prices.

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Paint price is going down, bike prices are going up.

I’ve decided to eliminate the simple colour option from the pricelist.

I had used two painters up to now, a better, more expensive one, and a cheaper one.

I want to make the best bikes possible.

This means the standard now is ‘show quality’ paint, I think you can’t cut corners on the type of bike I’m building, and exceptional paint is a necessary part of the quality chain.

I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is, I’m absorbing 60% of the price increase precisely because I believe that a paintjob like the last one you’ve seen should be the only type of paintjob you see on my bikes.

So, to make it short, you’re getting a 250euro paintjob for only 100euros.

I’ve left the Simoncini factory to better concentrate on Revanche, I want to build the best steel bicycle frames.

Paint is part of that chain of quality.

Stay tuned.


Paint is important.

Ombromanto, buon viaggio.

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Spirit, Life, Max, Columbus.
Spirit, Life, Max, Columbus.

Il mio lavoro e’ finito.
La bicicletta e’ finita, il cliente e’ felice.

Il vero viaggio comincia ora. Un viaggio di un uomo e del suo mezzo.
Un mezzo per misurarsi con se stesso, con il paesaggio. Con gli altri.

Un viaggio che io auguro pieno di emozioni, ricordi e gioia.
Un viaggio pieno di vita, perche’ il vero costo di una bicicletta non e’ quanto ci costa, ma il tempo.

Buon Viaggio Ombromanto, fai ammodo.

Bravo il verniciatore.
Work to be proud of. un lavoro di cui esser fieri.

This job is finished. the client is happy, the bike has been built up.
The journey is just beginning, a journey of a man and his vehicle.

I wish them both the best of times, full of life, passion and memories.

Because the real cost of a bicycle is the time we spend riding it.

Have a good trip, take care.

Adoro le biciclette, adoro ancor di piu' andare in bici.
Le biciclette son belle, andarci ancor di piu. Bikes are meant for riding.

Revanche Ombromanto

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This is what I feel a modern steel road bike should be.


You’ll need top quality steel tubing, I used:

Columbus Max

Columbus Spirit

Columbus Life

A Columbus Fel tapered oversize full carbon road fork.

Stainless braze ons, internal brake cable. Tapered steerer

Mix, add heat.

Revanche Ombromanto.

Serves one.

Just like a tree, planted by the water.
Just like a tree, planted by the water.
columbus FEL. Carbon.
columbus FEL. Carbon.
Built for riding. Semplicemente.
Built for riding. Semplicemente.

Ombromanto, la Revanche.

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Salve a tutti i miei tre lettori, son tornato.

Vi ho portato Ombromanto, una bicicletta da strada moderna, fatta nel segno della tradizione, qui nel cuore della Toscana.

Schermata 2014-11-04 alle 22.07.51

Questa e’ una delle mie salite preferite, lunga, pittoresca, ripida e buon manto stradale.

Parte dal mare, e non finisce piu’.

Schermata 2014-11-04 alle 22.07.48

Potrei dirvi come ho sapientemente mescolato tubazioni Columbus spirit, Max e Life, per dar vita a un telaio moderno, comodo, scattante, reattivo, stabile e veloce. Non dimentichiamoci divertente.

L’acciaio e’ tutto cio’. Un telaio su misura e’ tutto cio’.


Ma preferisco lasciare la parola al mio cliente, il quale mi ha chiamato dopo la prima uscita.

‘Manu’, e’ esattamente quel che volevo; veloce, sincera, stabile, comoda, scattante, reattiva, docile, agile. Bella.’


Eccolo, il ciclista si gode la bella giornata di Ottobre e il sole della costa degli Etruschi.

Esattamente quel che volevo io.

Eccovi Ombromanto. L’ultima nata in casa Revanche.

Dettagli tecnici domani.

Revanche, the revanche. Ombromanto.

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As the title suggests, I’m back.


More importantly, here’s a bike I think you’ll like.

Ombromanto, a road bike.

Built by hand, right here in the heart of Italy, using Columbus Life, Spirit and Max tubing.

Modern, traditional, comfortable, fast, pretty, reliable and fun.

All true, but all words, all of them.

It’s simple. I thought about who was going to ride it, and where, and how.


Then built him the best bike I could.

He called me up after riding it the first time and said:

Emanuel, It’s faster, smoother, snappier, prettier and more stable than any bike i’ve ever had: It’s exactly what I wanted.


Here he is on one of my local climbs. Enjoying his bike.

It’s exactly what I wanted.

Thanks for reading, more pics and technical details, tomorrow.


A public apology to my readers for the lack of posts, I’m moving.

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But now faith, hope, and love remain–these three. The greatest of these is love.
Corinthians 13:13

Karen's Tattoo
Karen’s Tattoo

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