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But now faith, hope, and love remain–these three. The greatest of these is love.
Corinthians 13:13

Karen's Tattoo
Karen’s Tattoo

Gentili Lettori, perdonatemi la mancanza di aggiornamenti, sto traslocando.

Buona Domenica, Buona Eroica

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Today is a gorgeous Sunday here in Tuscany, warm, sunny, a light breeze.

The countryside is still green,though the colours are changing.

It’s a perfect day for a bicycle ride.

That’s great news for all my fellow cyclists riding this year’s Eroica, I wish every single one of the all the best.
A special mention to my friends from Austria, thank you for the visit.

Why is the appeal of a vintage steel bike so strong?

As with most things, there are many reasons.

We dream about things when we’re young.

Too young to buy them. Yet old enough to dream about them.

We get older, and want to connect with that feeling.

Bicycles are a simple, affordable way to do that. A bike is easier to own than a car, or boat.
Cheaper. Needs less space. No insurance. Simple answer to a desire.


Style never goes out of fashion.

Steel bikes have reached an aesthetic maturity that no other bicycle material has.

An evolution, evident when comparing bicycles from different eras.

Steel just looks better.

Call it proportion, call it evolutionary tradition. Call it style.

I call it steel.


A steel frame from 30, 50, a hundred or more years old is perfectly safe, quite practical and won’t cost very much to make it safe or practical if it isn’t.
Steel gives you the time to appreciate it, and gives others the opportunity to appreciate it.

It will hold it’s value, it’s upgradable, it’s repairable.

That’s as true for a Vintage frame as for a modern steel frame.

It makes sense.

Today like yesterday. Tomorrow it’ll still make sense.

Just like Cycling.

Buona Domenica, Buona Eroica.

Pier Paolo Pasolini, on a bike.
Pier Paolo Pasolini, on a bike.

Bristol, Arrivo!

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Hi Emanuel,

I’m delighted to offer you a space at Bespoked 2015 – the stand offered to you is number 23
All the best,

Mario Sironi, il Ciclista. 1916.

Revanche va a Bristol, ci vediamo alla fiera dei telai artigianali. Manca poco.

The Revanche Mission Statement

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Henri Cartier Bresson, Leica, reading and Cycling. Not a bad combination.
Henri Cartier Bresson, Leica, reading and Cycling. Not a bad combination.


Revanche, Simoncini.

What’s the difference?


Revanche is my Vision of a handbuilt steel bicycle.
My bikes are built right here in Tuscany, one by one, by the Simoncini master builder and I.

Mr Simoncini is retiring next year. The factory is closing as it’s simply too big for the small volume we’ve been doing and the small volume I plan on doing.

I’m carrying on that tradition, that knowledge and skill.

Simoncini has built bikes since 1949, mostly as a contract builder, read http://revanchebikeco.wordpress.com/2014/06/24/branding-building-and-a-long-list-of-bicycle-brands/ for a full list, why would I give up being able to put that on my frames?

Because I want my bikes to be judged because of what they are.

I want to be judged on what I do, tradition should not be a burden or excuse.

The successes and failures I did not participate in aren’t mine to boast about nor justify.

This place, this tradition is important to me. But I have my own story to write.

Renato Simoncini did the same, back in 1949, after having worked at Caparrini, a framebuilder who had a shop here in Castelfiorentino since the 1930s. I’m carrying on.

I’m privileged, I’m fully backed by people with a lot of experience.

Yet I want to make it very clear that this is different.

A Revanche.

This mix, of tradition and innovation, of new ideas and old wisdom, of young blood and four generations of framebuilding.

That’s Revanche.

The Revanche Mission is simple:

To offer a range of high quality and diverse bicycles.

To demonstrate innovation, experiment and creativity in both form and content.

To appeal to the tastes and interests of a culturally diverse cycling society.

To exhibit a distinctive character.

My bikes are different, made to measure because we’re all unique.

This blog is a window through which You and I can communicate.

If you like reading this, subscribe, share.

If you think I can improve something. I’m listening.


Caro Cliente, una lettera dal tuo telaista…

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Prima di tutto vorrei ringraziarti per avermi scelto per costruire la tua bicicletta. E’ mia intenzione dare il meglio di me e realizzare il miglior telaio possibile, la miglior bicicletta possibile.

Capisco esattamente come ti senti, chiedendomi di mettere il tuo nome al posto del marchio della bicicletta.

Capisco quanto sia importante per te questo progetto, quest’idea.

Un’idea di bicicletta unica. Individuale. Tua.

Sono un telaista, sono qui per ascoltarti, voglio aiutarti a realizzare il tuo sogno.

Sono un telaista che sa che la bicicletta perfetta non esiste, esiste la bicicletta perfetta per una persona. Su misura.

So che la bicicletta che ne deriva e’ solo tua.

Scelta da te, spesso assemblata da te, usando componenti scelti da te.

L’uso che ne fai, montandolo in un modo o in un altro, la rende unica.

Ti faccio un esempio: Il linguaggio.
Numero finito di elementi per un’infinita’ di combinazioni possibili.

Il telaio che costruisco io e’ un componente.

Una parola.

Della tua bicicletta, pensata e resa viva da te e per te, a partire da elementi prodotti da altri.

La tua frase

La specifica irrepetibile unicita’ di scelte, e la tua interpretazione d’uso ogni volta che monti in sella sono la tua bicicletta, perche’ e’ chi sei,  sei te.

Il tuo racconto.

Sarei onorato di apportare una parola a questo tuo racconto, ti chiedo solo di lasciarmela dire.

Cordialmente ti saluto.

See, tight clearances on forks weren't always fashionable.
See, tight clearances on forks weren’t always fashionable.

The XX, intro. Bikes and Music

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Why do I put music videos up?

Well, I want to share them.

Also because I started riding a mtb earnestly in part because I loved the music on the mtb films, I was hooked on watching and hooked on listening.
I discovered a lot of bands through those films.

Being on a bike is like listening to music you identify with, or like playing it yourself.
A sense of flow: technical skill channeled into self expression.

Enough of listening to me, hope you like listening to this, by The XX

Ogni tanto mi piace condividere un video musicale.

Ho cominciato a dedicarmi seriamente alle Mtb anche perche’ adoravo la musica di tanti dvd di mtb. Mi piaceva guardare quanto ascoltare.
Ho scoperto tanti gruppi, attraverso quei dvd.

Essere in bicicletta e’ simile all’ascoltare la musica, o suonarla.

Un senso di Flow, abilita’ tecnica che diventa espressione di se’.

Basta ascoltare me, spero vi piaccia ascoltare questo brano di The XX.

Monday’s back, it’s got plenty of bikes.

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The Future has arrived, let's send it back. Robert Egger
The Future has arrived, let’s send it back. Concept bike by Robert Egger

There’s a perfect bike for everyone, Age, money, fitness. It doesn’t matter.
Your perfect bike exists, even if it’s only in your dreams, for now.
Go fast, go slow, go stylish, go practical. Cycling is a big ship.

Go custom,I’m here to listen to your dreams, to make your bicycle dreams come true.

Credo ci sia una bici per tutti. Eta’, danaro, condizione fisica, non importano. La tua bicicletta perfetta esiste.
Anche se, per ora, e’ solo nei tuoi sogni.

Sono qui per ascoltare i tuoi sogni, per realizzarli nella tua bicicletta.

With a sloping toptube and the right stem, any bike can fit.